It is merely a “how”; it is utterly a “why”!

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Recruitment & Technology

Competition for talent has become tremendously high and emerging technology is helping to make everything easier. Or does it? Let’s take a quick tour around the current recruitment processes and technologies you are using, and while we are at it, how about a deep dive in to the future trends to understand better who do we target and how do we get them.

Gareth Jones


Gareth Jones is the CEO of recruitment agency “Headstart”, experienced HR Professional, speaker and blogger on technology and the future of people at work. Gareth has built and ran an award winning lab, focusing on the potential of using data science to assess human potential during his work as Chief Innovation Officer at the Chemistry Group, spending 31 years in the Recruitment and HR space, the last 20 with a specific focus on technology in recruitment. He has sourced, assessed, bought, implemented (From both sides) and built solutions in this sector, working with clients such SAP, Boots, Vodafone, House of Frazer, Primark, and Experian and many other organisations globally, helping their recruitment and talent acquisition methodologies, re engineering processes and systems to revitalise the way they hire talent into the organisation. Gareth's biggest asset is the experience in merging technology with a human touch to reach the ideal talent hiring process.


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